Thursday, December 23, 2010

merry christmas!

i want to say thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog the past 2 weeks! i am so excited i started this adventure and ya'll have made it so much fun! i hope you all enjoy the holidays and i'll see you next week!

the mr. and i

the fenters family!

i may pop in over the weekend, can't stay away too long!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

obsession of the week (part two): 1canoe2

i came across this on esty last night. i LOVE letterpress and this especially! they hand draw all the letters and designs on everyhing. impressive. (no pun intended)

have to have this!

and these to go along with it!

for my best, steph!

check out all their stuff at 1canoe2

i have so many recipe cards lying around and nowhere to put them
hint hint :)

obsession of the week (part one): kinies classic

so, lately i have been all about carrying a small purse or wristlet. i've realized the ease and practicality of it. but this obsession of the week may change that. it's so perfect for someone (like me) who carries a  cute small purse ....and then also seems to be lugging around another "bag" to fit everything else in. here it is..... the kinies classic !

get one here : kinies classic

i love the short strap in the first pic, it makes it seem not so "toteish"
but when it starts to get to heavy you can use the across the body strap!

this is part one
i have one more obsession this week coming in just a bit!

Monday, December 20, 2010

last day!

 its our last day in NC for the holidays. we are heading out for lunch and coffee in Davidson. it's a cute little town up the street from my pop's house. ready for yummy food from toast and some drinks from summit coffee to warm us up! i hope you all are having a fabulous time this week before christmas!

downtown davidson

post about our holiday weekend coming soon! happy holidays!