Tuesday, September 27, 2011

all over again

falling in love all over again
one year later

i seriously can not believe that we are officially past the 1 year mark!
i don't think i ever thought much about it 
and what it means
and what we have accomplished as a couple
we have lived together
learned (a whole lot) from each other
put up with each other (more him putting up with me)
and loved each other
more & more
every single day
some days it came naturally
and a lot of days we had to work for it
but let me tell you one thing i have learned
the days you have to work for
are the ones you will remember the most
...the come to Jesus meetings...
those days made us "us"
those days taught us what real love is
i am so incredibly blessed to be his wife
and so so so thankful that God placed him here
on this earth
to guide me and care for me

here a few (a lot) of pics from our wedding day

had to throw one with my girls in :)

....and here is a little seek peek of our weekend getaway

to my number one man
thank you babe
love always