Friday, January 28, 2011


imagine coming home to this

makes me want to go somewhere just to come home. 



currently mourning the loss of my favorite pair of sunglasses. they broke today. i hate this whole process. they were perfect. i have a small face, so therefor regular aviator sunglasses don't look right on me. they weren't expensive or super nice, but they fit me perfectly. so now, sans sunglasses (on the first sunny day in  forever), i have to go out and find them again. bye for now.


Monday, January 24, 2011

birthday week(end)

well today concludes my birthday week. it was everything a girl could wish for, dinner with the rents, date night with the hubby and mexican food with my gorgeous friends. i am so incredibly ((blessed)) to be surrounded by great people who continually pour out love and make you feel like you are worth a trazillion bucks. here are a few pics of some of the beautiful things i received.

 oh yes, there is one gift that won't be making an appearance until later this week. 2 reasons. one being, i am currently in my pj's sans make-up and this beauty has to be worn. two being,  i wore it with an a-mazing outfit and i need to re-create because i did not capture it on film.

how gorgeous is this? 
{vintage, thrifted}

pretty spring flowers putting my bud vases to use

all my wonderful bday cards, some of course hand-made by my incredibly talented friends

the mr. was so good to me
{vintage, thrifted}

both the journal and candlesticks made by the beautiful and beyond talented april knight

{seen here with her mr.}

told you i'm one lucky gal.


feature: i am baker

first off. sorry. i know i said i would be posting about all the beautiful presents i recieved....yesterday. yesterday seemed to get away from me and well, i didn't post a darn thing. but i do promise i will be posting this afternoon. until then, i thought i would feature a blog i recently stumbled upon and am in complete awe of. i am baker. the things she makes look amazing and make me want to get home to my kitchen and start from the beginning of her blog until i'm finished. take a look.

i think i may attempt the valentines day cake this year, here is the tutorial if you would like to try!