Friday, December 31, 2010

recap: 2010

2010......where to begin? it has been a crazy but wonderful year! i am so grateful for what the Lord has blessed me with this year. i am now married to the most amazing and spirit filled man i know :)

we have both gained amazing families!

and we are continually blessed with great friends!

the mr and i are so blessed to be healthy, in love, surrounded by people that encourage us, have an amazing church to worship at and a God and Savior that love us unconditionally. thank you all so much for constantly pouring in to each of us so much! happy 2010 and bring it on 2011! 


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

because it's wednesday!

wow. that is the only word to describe these two :) the mr. and i have become great friends with robert and april over the past few months and of course fell in love with how sweet they are! they had their xmas pics taken right before the holiday and i have been waiting to share these beautiful pics by their friend caroline!
april is an artist as well, check out her stuff, worship artist

(all images via

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

under the weather

woke up this morning feeling pretty under the weather. spent the afternoon trying to sleep it off. needless to say, didn't quite work. going to try and push through it with some french press and mint truffle creamer. i'll be back tomorrow with something awesome. but while i'm sitting here, watching bones and waiting on the mr. to bring home some dinner....why don't you check out one of my daily must reads: from portland to peonies! Liz writes a blog i followed throughout my engagement (because she was getting married as well) and i continue to follow because well, she has plenty of pretty things to look at :)

also, my mr. has an awesome blog for today. check it out

Monday, December 27, 2010

obession of the week: my birthstone, but better!

happy 2nd day after christmas! it was a fun filled weekend with tons of food, family and snow! yes, snow! in charleston, sc! ok, so maybe it was the day after christmas but that is close enough for me ....and i'm sure my fellow charlestonians.... to say we had a white christmas! while i was gone i did miss this little blog, but i loved having nothing to do but get up and grab some party trash (yummy chex mix my mom-in-law makes) and a mimosa :) that's how we do it in our family! 

ok, now on to my obsession of the week....but since it's my birthstone....i can call it my obsession of forever! it's beautiful and i have really fallen in love with it. i love jewelry. sure. most girls i know do. but this, this has taken a special place in my heart. normally i was never that obsessed with my birthstone. until recently i found out that there are different colors of garnet. WHAT?! almost 23 years old and no one has ever mentioned this to me? 

here it is, my obsession, black garnet ring!

isn't it stunning? 
i am so thrilled that i have discovered this!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

merry christmas!

i want to say thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog the past 2 weeks! i am so excited i started this adventure and ya'll have made it so much fun! i hope you all enjoy the holidays and i'll see you next week!

the mr. and i

the fenters family!

i may pop in over the weekend, can't stay away too long!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

obsession of the week (part two): 1canoe2

i came across this on esty last night. i LOVE letterpress and this especially! they hand draw all the letters and designs on everyhing. impressive. (no pun intended)

have to have this!

and these to go along with it!

for my best, steph!

check out all their stuff at 1canoe2

i have so many recipe cards lying around and nowhere to put them
hint hint :)

obsession of the week (part one): kinies classic

so, lately i have been all about carrying a small purse or wristlet. i've realized the ease and practicality of it. but this obsession of the week may change that. it's so perfect for someone (like me) who carries a  cute small purse ....and then also seems to be lugging around another "bag" to fit everything else in. here it is..... the kinies classic !

get one here : kinies classic

i love the short strap in the first pic, it makes it seem not so "toteish"
but when it starts to get to heavy you can use the across the body strap!

this is part one
i have one more obsession this week coming in just a bit!

Monday, December 20, 2010

last day!

 its our last day in NC for the holidays. we are heading out for lunch and coffee in Davidson. it's a cute little town up the street from my pop's house. ready for yummy food from toast and some drinks from summit coffee to warm us up! i hope you all are having a fabulous time this week before christmas!

downtown davidson

post about our holiday weekend coming soon! happy holidays!

Friday, December 17, 2010

fashion fave

last wednesday night the mr and i attended a cookout for our dear friends, the (now) scott's! it was casual and mostly outside around the bonfire so i chose something simple to wear (since i would have a coat on the whole time). i wore my 2 favorite fashion buys of the season. i am so excited to show you!

( top charlotte russe, jeggings target )

posting pics from the cookout tomorrow! 
and then on my way to celebrate christmas with family in NC 
(praying for snow!)
be back on tuesday! have a fabulous weekend

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

cold weather blues?

throw a little party :)

my 2 favorite fashion buys of the season coming later today!

stay cozy

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

hometown highlight: sugar bakeshop

delicious! i happened upon sugar bakeshop by accident. i already had my cake and baker picked out for my wedding and last minute that just didn't work out. so i was driving down cannon street and saw this charming bakery and decided to give it a whirl. i went in and just ordered a lemon (my fave) cupcake. to-die-for. i was blown away! i quickly made contact with the owner...whom happens to live right next door in a lovely old charleston house.... and this is what i ended up with


we chose to do 3 cakes with as many flavors as we could choose! the cakes all have butter cream frosting and white chocolate shavings on them. i wanted to go with a very soft and enchanting feeling so we chose all white. they peaked the icing instead of smoothing it making all the texture stand out. it was everything i ever dreamed of.
the cake topper was on the cake of my nana and pop, unfortunately my nana is no longer with us and i was so honored to be able to have pieces of her with me on my special day :)
love you nana

here are a few shots of sugar bakeshop

whenever you find yourself in the charleston area hop on over to cannon street for an adorable treat!

59 1/2 cannon street
charleston, sc

Monday, December 13, 2010

modern day gingerbread

a little inspiration for your gingerbread this year :)

( via black*eiffel )

Friday, December 10, 2010

love & lights

maybe next year me and the mr. will have christmas cards made

Thursday, December 9, 2010


i live in the south and monogramming everything is the norm. typically i shy away from most things monogrammed but i recieved this necklace as a bridesmaid gift from a wedding in november.

 isn't it lovely?
it is so different and perfectly done
get them here copper alley !

this is my friend maribeth wearing her necklace just like it in her ENGAGEMENT pictures! she is actually getting married tomorrow! i am working on a post of some of her engagement pics, they are unbelievably gorgeous.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

obsession on the week: wedge booties!

i have been wanting a pair of wedge booties since summer and here are some i am currently daydreaming of

(topshop acorn wedge bootie)

(steve madden complexx bootie)

tonight we have a cookout for some of our best friends Ben and Maribeth
they are getting married on friday, so excited!
trying to decide on what to wear, will post pics tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

.. and everything else!

black, white & everything else. this post consists mostly of everything else....with a few appearances of my black and white decor. I wanted to do something simple but festive for my wrapping this year and i decided on brown craft paper, red and white raffia and simple white tags. they are exactly what I was invisioning! ( i also decided to throw in a few pics of my tree and some decor around the house!)

also, i picked up all my wrapping supplies at if it's paper in west ashley
they are going out of business :(
so everything is 50% until december 15th, then it's 75% off
so, if you're a local you should stop by!
they also have a location in mt. pleasant