Tuesday, December 13, 2011

obsession(s) of the week: holiday party attire

it's been awhile
and i wanted to pop in
say hi
and show you
and whomever (my mr.) may be wondering 
what cute things to add to my Christmas list :)

and of course some glitz to go along with it

and who could resist

i love a good red shoe



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

under the ......


the weather that won't make up it's dang mind.
60 sat, 80 today, 70 tomorrow
thus resulting in a very sore throat
and tons' o hot bevs 

and oh yea
i got bangs.

this post was made to the sounds of beyonce' singing ego

Thursday, November 3, 2011

a little sneak peek

here's a little peek
at the mr. and i's 1 year anniversary photoshoot

huge huge thanks to jeff  janecek and amanda lowers
the duo behind dreampop design & media
located here in charleston
go check them out!
they will make your want your picture taken :)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

pattern on pattern

lately i've been in to the whole 
mixing of patterns trend

like this jcrew tee
i got (on sale) the other day

with my mr.'s gingham scarf
similar to this one

wanting to try 

mixing patterns in the same shades

{image via}


maybe this throw

with these fun pillows
for fall?

what do ya'll think about mixing as opposed to matching?


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

all over again

falling in love all over again
one year later

i seriously can not believe that we are officially past the 1 year mark!
i don't think i ever thought much about it 
and what it means
and what we have accomplished as a couple
we have lived together
learned (a whole lot) from each other
put up with each other (more him putting up with me)
and loved each other
more & more
every single day
some days it came naturally
and a lot of days we had to work for it
but let me tell you one thing i have learned
the days you have to work for
are the ones you will remember the most
...the come to Jesus meetings...
those days made us "us"
those days taught us what real love is
i am so incredibly blessed to be his wife
and so so so thankful that God placed him here
on this earth
to guide me and care for me

here a few (a lot) of pics from our wedding day

had to throw one with my girls in :)

....and here is a little seek peek of our weekend getaway

to my number one man
thank you babe
love always

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

this & that

i know, it's been forever
a combination of no internet
and being super busy

but here are a few things i've been doing

found this beauty

well it wasn't quite that pretty yet
but thank goodness for rustoleam spray paint :)

now it sits nicely next to our sofa
over our nesting tables!

 i should probably add that i bought this at the habitat store
the mr. was with me thank goodness
on our way out i spotted about
30 huge, dead spiders stuck to the bottom
i don't do spiders
that's why i have a wonderful mr.

in that same trip 
by the register they had tons
of old readers digest books
for .10 cents each!
they have beautiful covers
and wonderfully colored bindings
could not pass it up

they are currently in front of my fireplace
not to sure about them being there
but for now it's alright

remember me talking about these?

well awhile back they turned in to these!

with the help of my momma, i am in love with them!

i decided to try making my own cake stands
i've seen it done all over the blog world
and for less than a dollar you can't beat it!

this plate and that candle stick are 
currently attached :)
i haven't painted yet
but when i do i will be sure to post!


Thursday, September 1, 2011


i love september
for many reasons
but from now on the #1 reason will always be
my mr.
we got married last september 
so every september from now on
we will celebrate us :)

it also means crisp mornings
and maybe bringing out some fall attire?


and for the mr.



Sunday, August 28, 2011


my weekend consisted of
date night

for days they said hurricane irene
would hit charleston
instead she brought us this beautiful sunset
praying intently for those who are
struggling because of her

more time with my handsome mr.

and ending the weekend 
brainstorming lovely things 
for a dear friend's wedding


Friday, August 26, 2011

friday i'll be....

...waiting on this girl to roll on by

...with this handsome guy

...wearing these wellies


Friday, August 19, 2011

recent steal :)

the mr. and i have put ourselves on a budget
a pretty for real one
so that means
not to many purchases on my end
but when i do 
i make sure to get only 
exactly what i want 
and at a steal :)

example # 1

{prade, $750}

what i got:

{bcbg, originally $118, bought for $29}

can you really even tell the difference? 


Monday, August 15, 2011

obsession of the week: hand embroidered necklaces

this happens to be featured on the front page of etsy today
but i was a fan long before! 
thank you etsy
for reminding me!

these lovely little treasures 
are made by
and can be custom ordered!
take a peek at some of my faves 

the last one would be especially cute with
and a and s :)

happy monday!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ladies night and surprise baby shower

this weekend was chock-ful-o-fun
sunday night some of me and my gal pals
got together ate some food 
and played some cards
i am honestly blessed with some of the greatest friends 
around :)

here is what i made

sugar cookie fruit pizza inspired by

on monday nights the mr. and i get together with our
young married couples small group
through our church

usually we are either reading a book and discussing it
or just having good food
and even better fellowship!

but last night we decided to change things up a bit 
and throw a surprise baby shower for 
garrett & lauren

here is a little video of us surprising them
watch hour garret's face stays the same
even when he is surprise :)

happy tuesday