Saturday, July 16, 2011

7.2 date night

first off, i  apologize for being m.i.a. we haven't had internet at the fenters' household and it's not the easiest thing to blog (the way i like to) from an iphone. but i vow to you all that i will be very consistent from now on :)

like the majority of people (or not?)
last night the mr. and i 
went to see harry potter

i am doing a (sort of) outfit post
you see i look incredibly ridiculous 
posing in my outfits
i don't know how people look so cute doing it
but i sure don't so here goes
what i wore (basically):

this cute army green racerback dress

something like this yellow chalcedony necklace

with a cozy scarf like this one

and of course some toms
they don't sell these online anymore
but they are my fav :)

mine are the gold and brown ones on the right 
sorry, i-phone pic

i just bought this stella & dot bracelet
at the beginning of summer
and have worn in almost every day
stacked with a variety of other things 

so, there you have it. my version of an outfit post.