Friday, March 11, 2011

obsession of the week: keychain

yes. a key chain. yes it takes something that simple to get me excited! but, this key chain was cast from an 18th century italian church key. fancy i know :)

and if i have something that beautiful to carry my keys on
i must have something equally fabulous to hang it on


Thursday, March 10, 2011

seeing red

maybe this spring use red as one of your go-to's, your base or you neutral?

your guys can get in on the fun to.

{all of these looks are from zara's current collection}

i'm personally head over heels for the red shirt and camel blazer 
may have to find my way down to the ATL for some shopping


Sunday, March 6, 2011


part of making this blog a little more my own, i have decided to let ya'll in to my life a little more. part of my life is thrifting. i love anything old and finding a place for it in my home. or maybe your home? :) the majority of things in the mr. and i's home are either thrifted or given to us. mostly old, but i consider it loved. so weekly i will be posting some of the finds we have around our home and possibly (but not if the mr. can help it) new finds and where i will place them in our home. so here goes, first thriftin' post!

i feel as if i have a moderate amount of jewelry and as of late have started falling in love with placing it on display for all to see. so when i stumbled upon these i knew exactly what i would do with them....

and this is where they ended up.....

the mirror is also something i thrifted over a year ago at charleston's annual whale of a sale

and meet mr. bolivar

he was originally a bronzy color and i spray painted him white
i forgot the before picture for this one, sorry!

he currently resides next to our telly 
guarding our remotes

i am so excited about these i can hardly stand it!
i actually found this beautiful pair on craigslist
but hey, that's just the lazy-man's thrift store

i don't have an after pic, because there is no after yet
i am going to sit (no pun intended) on these awhile
obviously recover, possibly re-paint?
no final decisions have been made yet
but i can only imagine the outcome! 

i love this little guy
he caught my eye at one of our local goodwill shops 
and thought he would look mighty fine on my husbands bookcase
(it's his bookcase but some of my books and all the decor on it are mine)
he loves me :) so i'm allowed

he was actually intended to hold aftershave for men by avon
and in his precious life he did, trust me it still smells

on that same goodwill trip i found this beauty
i needed a bedside lamp and was really less than thrilled with anything new that was also in my price range
at $10 this could def. fill that space

i am on the lookout for a new shade for it 
i'm picky so it could be awhile
i originally intended on painting it, but the green is growing on me

and last, not thrifted, but gifted
the mr.'s grandmother had this in her home
she thought it looked like something i would like
so she gave it to me

i would say she is right! i love this! what's not to love really?
now i'm on the hunt for the perfect shade, seeing as there isn't one.
i'm thinking bright. 

so, there it is, my first thriftin' post. i hope you enjoy reading these as much as i enjoy writing them! next week i will showcase some of the thrifted staples in our home.