Wednesday, March 30, 2011

casual italian and a walk in the park

this is going to be my first real attempt at an outfit post. i wore this the other night when the mr. took me out for our half-year. all i was told was to dress "casual cute" the mr. also told me to wear flat shoes.....well yeah no. i asked enough questions and came to the conclusion on my own that he was just being careful and i opted to wear wedges instead :) he took me to a nice little italian restaurant for dinner and we got our tiramisu to go ......we ate it at the mt. pleasant pier. that also happens to be that place we got engaged. for the record, the wedges were fine, and won't be making an appearance in this post because my jeans were far to long.

{tank: target, cropped jacket: target, jeans: gap, earrings: forever 21}

hope you enjoyed this first attempt!