Friday, December 10, 2010

love & lights

maybe next year me and the mr. will have christmas cards made

Thursday, December 9, 2010


i live in the south and monogramming everything is the norm. typically i shy away from most things monogrammed but i recieved this necklace as a bridesmaid gift from a wedding in november.

 isn't it lovely?
it is so different and perfectly done
get them here copper alley !

this is my friend maribeth wearing her necklace just like it in her ENGAGEMENT pictures! she is actually getting married tomorrow! i am working on a post of some of her engagement pics, they are unbelievably gorgeous.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

obsession on the week: wedge booties!

i have been wanting a pair of wedge booties since summer and here are some i am currently daydreaming of

(topshop acorn wedge bootie)

(steve madden complexx bootie)

tonight we have a cookout for some of our best friends Ben and Maribeth
they are getting married on friday, so excited!
trying to decide on what to wear, will post pics tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

.. and everything else!

black, white & everything else. this post consists mostly of everything else....with a few appearances of my black and white decor. I wanted to do something simple but festive for my wrapping this year and i decided on brown craft paper, red and white raffia and simple white tags. they are exactly what I was invisioning! ( i also decided to throw in a few pics of my tree and some decor around the house!)

also, i picked up all my wrapping supplies at if it's paper in west ashley
they are going out of business :(
so everything is 50% until december 15th, then it's 75% off
so, if you're a local you should stop by!
they also have a location in mt. pleasant



so excited to start this adventure in blogging. i have been pondering the idea of a blog for a long time and finally decided to compile all the things i love in life and start it. i'm hoping ya'll will enjoy this little bit of my life.