Friday, February 18, 2011

sunny day yellow

it's a gorgeous day here down south and these items need to make their way into my life asap.

all images via oh hello friend
head on over to her blog to see some more yellow!


Monday, February 14, 2011

and the winner is......


Caitlin Dyches said...

Ashley!!! I love reading your posts :) You are soo creative and have such great eyes for design :)! This picture would be fun to design a room around!!!

yay caitlin! you now have an april knight original! 

contact me at with your address and information on how to send this beautiful painting to you!

thanks for playing along everyone!


honeymoonin it

yes the mr. and i have been married since september. yes that was almost 5 months ago. and yes, he just now got our pics developed (as a sweet vday present) :). you see, i left our digital camera at home and didn't realized until we were in the charlotte airport. boo :( so, we bought a disposable camera and just had to hope that some of the 19 pictures we took turned out. and they did! well at least as well as one would expect them to. so here are a few for you to look at. no one else has seen these except me and the mr., so you could say this is an exclusive showing just for you.

prime example of needing a digital camera
i laugh out loud every time i look at that cute little face :)

now i'm off to make some valentines day dinner with the mr. 


Sunday, February 13, 2011


currently i am watching the grammys, eating burgers and homemade fries with the mr. and loving all of the following:

this would look perfect in my kitchen
would probably spend most of it's time empty
but still

i will make one of these for our next place
{image via erineverafter}

i originally didn't want a band
it looked like to much
now i do
{ love knot ring by flinn jewelry }