Tuesday, December 7, 2010

.. and everything else!

black, white & everything else. this post consists mostly of everything else....with a few appearances of my black and white decor. I wanted to do something simple but festive for my wrapping this year and i decided on brown craft paper, red and white raffia and simple white tags. they are exactly what I was invisioning! ( i also decided to throw in a few pics of my tree and some decor around the house!)

also, i picked up all my wrapping supplies at if it's paper in west ashley
they are going out of business :(
so everything is 50% until december 15th, then it's 75% off
so, if you're a local you should stop by!
they also have a location in mt. pleasant


  1. I love your gifts!!! The brown paper is so cute with the red and white!! So glad you started a blog!!! :)

  2. Love the display of Stewart's guitars...wish I had thought of that when he lived with us!!!!