Monday, December 27, 2010

obession of the week: my birthstone, but better!

happy 2nd day after christmas! it was a fun filled weekend with tons of food, family and snow! yes, snow! in charleston, sc! ok, so maybe it was the day after christmas but that is close enough for me ....and i'm sure my fellow charlestonians.... to say we had a white christmas! while i was gone i did miss this little blog, but i loved having nothing to do but get up and grab some party trash (yummy chex mix my mom-in-law makes) and a mimosa :) that's how we do it in our family! 

ok, now on to my obsession of the week....but since it's my birthstone....i can call it my obsession of forever! it's beautiful and i have really fallen in love with it. i love jewelry. sure. most girls i know do. but this, this has taken a special place in my heart. normally i was never that obsessed with my birthstone. until recently i found out that there are different colors of garnet. WHAT?! almost 23 years old and no one has ever mentioned this to me? 

here it is, my obsession, black garnet ring!

isn't it stunning? 
i am so thrilled that i have discovered this!

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