Tuesday, September 20, 2011

this & that

i know, it's been forever
a combination of no internet
and being super busy

but here are a few things i've been doing

found this beauty

well it wasn't quite that pretty yet
but thank goodness for rustoleam spray paint :)

now it sits nicely next to our sofa
over our nesting tables!

 i should probably add that i bought this at the habitat store
the mr. was with me thank goodness
on our way out i spotted about
30 huge, dead spiders stuck to the bottom
i don't do spiders
that's why i have a wonderful mr.

in that same trip 
by the register they had tons
of old readers digest books
for .10 cents each!
they have beautiful covers
and wonderfully colored bindings
could not pass it up

they are currently in front of my fireplace
not to sure about them being there
but for now it's alright

remember me talking about these?

well awhile back they turned in to these!

with the help of my momma, i am in love with them!

i decided to try making my own cake stands
i've seen it done all over the blog world
and for less than a dollar you can't beat it!

this plate and that candle stick are 
currently attached :)
i haven't painted yet
but when i do i will be sure to post!


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