Monday, January 3, 2011

back to life, for the time being

its monday. and not just monday, but the monday after the holiday season. so therefor, this monday is one of a kind. but i'm not going to go on and on about how badly i wish i was in my comfy bed, with my comfy pillow and my super soft p.j.'s. instead i am going to focus on the things i have to look forward to this month! i will be making my way to asheville, nc this month with the mr.'s mom, sister and grandmother. we will be staying at the lovely grove park inn and shopping and i'm sure eating our weekend away :) i can't wait for cozy layers, jackets and boots!

this month also brings along my birthday! looking forward to my first married birthday and good friends to celebrate with.

 have a delightful monday


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  1. Looking forward to a fun week-end. Of course, I have classes to attend in the morning, but lunch, afternoons and dinner will be free. I foresee good food and good times in the horizon!!!