Friday, March 4, 2011

apologies and engagements

first of all, let me start off by saying "sorry", i have been away for far to long. Here are a few reasons why: insanity, sickness, lack of originality and a new endeavor. 

insanity, the work-out. and yes it is insane. 
the mr. was sick and well i guess i pretended like i was sick as well?
i have not been at this blog very long but have decided i would like to be a little more original with it. it's not exactly easy as there are blogs i am inspired by daily but don't want to copy.
and last, the new endeavor. i have started working part time in floral design. i am working with the lovely whitney randall of branch design studios. (stoked!)

now on the engagement. i realized i have not shown ya'll my engagement pictures! so here are a few of my faves!

{all photos are courtesy of jeff janececk photography}