Tuesday, June 14, 2011

poppin :)

i was super lucky
and so excited
to get to try out poppin office supplies
this weekend at the skirt! creative conference

i. fell. in. love.
yes, love
with office supplies?!?

take a look



  1. SO HAPPY you love Poppin!

    Meredith (from Poppin)

  2. Hi Meredith (from Poppin). How are you? Since I'm Meredith (from Ashley's family and also her companion at the Skirt Conference) and I fell in love with Poppin too, where do I find Poppin? We just discovered them this weekend, and I, too, like Ashley, am in love. Specifically with the white calculatoor and pink pens. But who's counting? LOVE your brand!

  3. what colorful office supplies....mine are just plain 'ole black :(