Monday, July 18, 2011

before and after: entryway

i have had this target sofa table for awhile now and i originally bought it when i moved out of the parentals house and into my very first roommate situation. i needed a desk but had an extremely small room and this was narrow enough and did the job. in our previous apartment it was used (in it's original state) as a t.v. stand.  since the move (into a much bigger place) we placed it in our entryway. i knew i wanted to paint it and was pretty sure i wanted it red, so that's what i did. it isn't complete yet (i still need to paint the knobs gold) but for now and until i go out and buy the gold paint they aren't going to be there. i took a few detail shots to show how i styled it. it will probably always be a work in progress and i will continually change it, depending on my mood. so here it is!




table, target (no longer available) 
lamp, jewelry box, oriental bowl, change tray and mirror (thrifted)
tray and frame (homegoods)
diffuser and flower candle (dillards clearance)



  1. that mirror is aaaamazing. what a great find. you did a spiffy job on that table. hi-five!

  2. the jewelry box looks like the one I had in it back in style?

  3. This is beautifu!